Augmented reality AR, however within the growth phase, will be considered a wonderful potential technology for humanity. It is only the view of real life atmosphere with a few viewing method with enhanced or improved components, produced by computer image. In simpler terms, it creates inclusion of visual data within the real life view. To superimpose computer generated image within the real life atmosphere, this technology mostly uses a processing processor, input device, gps, and memes devices, along with a screen device. The nearest products that include the necessary equipment for this technology Are mind installed projector device, and mobile device. Applying these products, the consumer is given the actual time visual data in addition to audio narrations of whatever he/she sees. Which means that once their picture of view changes; he/she is supplied with the updated information. This opens up lots of options for your person. For instance, whenever a person visiting a brand new town, needing getting an atm or a hotel, he/she can easily have to view around through the augmented reality system to obtain atm or the closest hotel.

augmented reality technology

Another best case of the technology is its use from the pilots in the air force. Contemporary headgears the pilots use derive from augmented reality principle. The peak of the headgear offers necessary information for example enemy Areas directions, maps, trajectories, as well as the facts concerning the entire aircraft itself to the pilot. This certainly helps tactical and tactical choice, raising the success rate of the critical mission. Though, however in growth and research phase, the current model of the task glass has gotten tremendous positive reception. The idea behind task glass is the fact that it can check real life having a camera to supply all of the necessary info on the glass itself, and will operate on goggles android OS.

Irrespective of the task glass of google, some car companies also have began to proven keen fascination with the technology. Vehicle companies like gm bmg, and Volkswagen have actually examined augmented reality windshield that not just shows navigational paths, but additionally shows details and traffic data about their state of the vehicle. Augmented Reality technology is traveling in a quick speed and in the same time individuals are showing keen fascination with the technology. Gifted cg Artists from all over the world will also be creating there to display which kind of photorealistic 3d items they Are able to produce for that augmented reality environment. This technology is developing, but quickly it is likely to be the near future technology for all mankind.

Xiaomi mi6 is hot not simply in china, but also all over the world. The expected sales level of xiaomi mi6 in 2014 is 60 million sets. With high end cost ratio and somewhat cheap, and many of most, the hunger marketing strategy, xiaomi mi6 easily becomes the newest idol of the customers. Given that numerous customers own the xiaomi mi6, is not it dull to possess a same smartphone with everybody out there. Using the increasing of the sales volume, soon the xiaomi company recognize this, and then soon launch vibrant types for that xiaomi mi6, including the white, black, gold, orange, pink and blue. These colorful designs mi3 incorporate various characters for this smartphone, however, just the color variation is definitely not been enough for the customers. As a result, there are still many customers buy mobile phone case for decoration.

xiaomi mi6

Because of daqin, currently of making custom cell phone skins for xiaomi mi6 the business is simple with huge profit. All below custom cell phone cases for xiaomi mi6 are produced by the daqin 3d mobile skin planning & making system. The following photograph shows the custom cell phone cases with different materials. While the sales price is ranging from 5 to 20 us dollars, the price of each custom cell phone skin below is starting from 0.2 to 0.7 us dollars. The daqin can be a Chinese supplier of application and machines to make custom stickers for any brand or style of cell phone throughout the world. Below image shows the system to help make the custom cell phone themes. It includes printer, the application, laminator and cutter. It merely requires 1 stand to put everything required to start this business. 1 person will do for the whole operation process.

This kit called the daqin 3d mobile skin designing & building system. It is specifically for people who plan to start a store for selling custom cell phone themes, or for people who desire to make custom cell phone skins for other purpose for example provide to these customers whose purchase amount exceeds a specific level as a bonus. The daqin 3d mobile skin creating & building process is not only ideal for xiaomi mi6, but also another brand or type. Also it could keep changing regular, so that it will usually capable of producing custom stickers for your latest smartphones, to add the newest styles in the market.